What I Do

Human nature means that we all experience problems which cause us emotional upset and distress; usually we have the tools to manage our issues and overcome challenging times.  However, on occasions, these obstacles may seem unmoveable and can negatively influence areas of our lives, such as relationships with others, employment or education.

For support during these periods, I offer high quality individual counselling and psychotherapy to people experiencing a range of mental health problems.  Collectively and collaboratively, I offer support mechanisms that allow individuals to gain more control of their lives, to feel less over-whelmed by life’s many challenges and guide them to develop healthy, sustainable coping skills.  My objective is for individuals to become their own therapists, be able to recognise certain triggers and have the confidence to manage their mental health on a long-term basis.

Although accepting you have a problem and require support can be extremely difficult, it is vital for your wellbeing.  Do not struggle alone as there are many ways you can help yourself; often you just need a bit of guidance along the way.

During my career I have successfully treated clients who have experienced a range of mental health problems, including:


Bipolar disorder

Eating disorders

Self-harming behaviour

Low self-esteem and confidence


The anxiety disorders: panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety disorder (SAD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

This list is not exhaustive as I also have experience of supporting couples and families, helping them to work through their difficulties together and offering a form of mediation that allows individuals to express how they really feel in a controlled environment, without fear of judgement.

Psychological Approaches

Therapy is offered from my working environment in Standish or alternatively I can travel to your home if this is preferable.  I offer a private and confidential service, delivering a tailored approach to meet your individual needs.  Although I primarily work using a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) model, I also draw on my experience and training in various other therapeutic approaches to ensure you receive the therapy most suitable for you (please see my training and qualifications).  I have a specific interest in mindfulness and compassionate based approaches, so these skills and techniques are often explored during therapy.

Specialist Mental Health Support for Schools

I am skilled at working with adults, children, young people and families.  I have been employed in an educational context for over 12 years; and my numerous experiences have further enhanced my thorough knowledge of the health and education systems.  I therefore offer individual or group support to students at primary and secondary school, Sixth Form College or University (please see my work in schools).

Group Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

I can provide cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) groups to organisations; consisting of an eight-week course, with weekly sessions for between 6-8 individuals.  Groups can be aimed at staff working within the organisations, or alternatively offered to children and young people attending different education establishments.  Weekly handouts and all resources are provided to all group members.

Mental Health Awareness Training

The mental health awareness training offered as part of my psychological therapies service aims to provide support and advice regarding the identification of early signs of mental health issues in children and young people.  Awareness sessions can be delivered to adults, as well as children and young people.  Similarly, I offer staff wellbeing sessions for educational institutions and other organisations; these can be delivered to larger groups of professionals.  Each training package can be tailored and refined to meet your organisational needs (please see my work in schools for further information).

I therefore provide a holistic approach to mental health, offering individuals and organisations a comprehensive package to meet their mental health needs.  Telephone consultations or sessions through Skype or FaceTime can also be arranged, so please contact me for further details.

Development of Mental Health Resources

Much of my work involves the development of resources to provide information around mental health for practitioners, parents, carers and young people themselves. I have developed numerous resources, which can be found in the resource section of this website.

Contact me for a free phone consultation to discuss how I can help you and the mental health support you require.

- 07734 650 859 -

Crisis Support

SHOUT - the UK’s first 24/7 free text-based service for anyone struggling to cope and in need of immediate help. Text 85258

Childline - free and confidential advice for young people in the UK telephone 0800 1111

Papyrus Hopeline UK - for confidential suicide prevention advice telephone 0800 068 4141

Samaritans - is a free confidential support line for anyone in crisis no matter the age of the person. You can either telephone 116 123 or an email service is available.

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