Over the years I have worked with and supported a large number of individuals, groups, schools and organisations.  Some of the feedback I have received is detailed below:

My name is David and I am 58. In early 2015 I experienced some major life issues. I had previously suffered from bouts of depression including a full breakdown in 2005 and recognising the triggers I sought help from Charlotte having been referred from my work place.

Charlotte came to my home on 10 occasions and I underwent CBT.  I found these sessions of immense value to re-establish my equilibrium and thought processes. The help extended to relevant well being studies and these were done as homework and I had regular assessments of my mental healing.

During the process I had regular contact with Charlotte via texts etc which were of great support and trust.

As a result I learned new techniques which now from part of my daily mantra.

Having previously had mood issues I have experience of several practitioners and their methods. I can say that the speed of my recovery and on going mental health is entirely down to the calmness and professionalism of Charlotte. I have since referred friends and family who I have seen troubled with their mental well being.

I can give no greater recommendation than that.

Individual - DF, Chorley, Lancashire

The training was extremely helpful for me as I am working as a school counsellor and so refreshing my knowledge and skill set is extremely beneficial. I found it useful that Charlotte broke down the training and covered a number of common mental health difficulties I work with on a daily basis. The tools and resources provided were also very helpful and I have already incorporated some in to my sessions with young people, in particular ones aimed at working with anxiety. I found Charlotte passionate about mental health and the work she does which left me feeling very motivated after the training.

Training - KM, School Counsellor, Birkenhead

Our team found the Mental Health training extremely useful. We believe it has increased our confidence in noticing the common warning signs of Mental Health but overall, we liked the leaflet of sources of support available for practitioners. The training provided by Charlotte was excellent. She was very clear and answered all our questions. Charlotte outlined useful resources that are directed to young people and their parents along with websites and phone numbers. We found the training interesting and relevant to the children we are working with. Thank you for a great session.

Training - AJ, Support Worker, Bolton

Since working with Charlotte and seeing the improvements for myself I personally believe that every project worker should have ‘a Charlotte’. She is invaluable to me and I cannot praise her enough.

Practitioner - SO, Family Support Worker, Wigan

The training you delivered to the team was very useful in raising our awareness around working with children and families where mental health is an issue. The team reported improved confidence in working with children while they were on the CAMHS waiting list.

It was also very useful the conversation we had prior to the training when you advised us on training packages we were looking at for the whole team. This is not an area where any of the management team were knowledgeable so your advice was invaluable. Our project would very much benefit from a mental health specialist and I am sure we would not be alone with this need, given the impact of poor mental health for children and young people we are supporting and nationwide.

Training - CD, Children’s Services Manager, Dewsbury

Charlotte helped me by coming to terms with myself and accepting myself as a person of worth. Charlotte’s empathy helped me move forward in life and gain a new direction career goal. Charlotte took the time to listen, really listen to my bipolar problems and helped me gain new skills and confidence through our sessions of CBT.

Individual - AR, Wigan, Greater Manchester

Working with Charlotte Lowe has really helped me to make sense of why I was thinking and feeling the way I was. Charlotte was really clear and considerate in the way she explained why I had feelings of doubt, depression and worthlessness. When I first came to do the CBT training I was in a very low place, lacked self-confidence, on a poor diet and generally felt and looked very unwell. The 10 weeks of work has helped me come through a very difficult period and now I feel full of life again. It has also helped me to think about how others might be thinking and feeling. When I finished the CBT I thanked Charlotte in helping me feel like a new person, and I’ve had the same positive feeling since.

Individual - DF, Teacher, Preston, Lancashire

The support Charlotte gave me was invaluable. I have felt depressed and suicidal for many years, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be here anymore had I not have met Charlotte.

Individual - JA, Leyland, Lancashire

Your training inspired me! I do have quite a bit of knowledge in this subject area but just knowing we are addressing things properly was a great positive to here also. For me, your presentation made the day.

Training - MD, Children and Family Worker, Barrow

I would just like to say thank you for the input that you gave to the Early Action Team on mental health and how to identify early signs that could escalate to more serious issues. As the team work with young people and families it has been extremely beneficial for us in supporting the people we work with, having the relevant information will prove invaluable, and has helped to raise awareness in the team, so that we are more confident in approaching and discussing the subject of mental health. Thank you again.

Training - PH, South Ribble Early Action Team, Lancashire Constabulary

The training was outstanding and demonstrated extensive knowledge and experience, with Charlotte clearly being passionate about mental health in children and young people.

Training - MC, Support Worker, Manchester

Thoroughly enjoyed.

Brilliant delivery.

I came away with so much knowledge and understanding.

Fantastic co-ordinator with vast experience through expert knowledge and relatable experiences.

Excellent speaker.

Breadth of knowledge and experience was engaging and inspirational.  The anecdotal scenarios brought to life the theoretical concepts.  No doubt this will facilitate us as professionals to be more aware of the nature of the well-being of our learners and to inspire us to ensure we are offering a supportive and relevant service at the earliest intervention point.

Fantastically informative and engaging revealing unknown strategies and new information which will be invaluable.

Very useful.  One-stop website/app list was brilliant.

Training - Various School and College Staff in Chorley

We would like to thank you for the engaging session that you provided regarding Children and Young People's Mental Health at Albany Academy.

We found the breadth of knowledge and experience that you have in relation to adult and young people's mental health engaging and inspirational. The anecdotal scenarios from your personal and professional experiences with mental health brought to life the theoretical concepts that you explored. This will no doubt facilitate us as professionals to be more aware to the nature of the well being of our learners and has served to inspire us to ensure that we as a college are offering a supportive and relevant service at the earliest intervention point.

Training - Cardinal Newman College

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