Over the years I have worked with and supported a large number of individuals, groups, schools and organisations.  Some of the feedback I have received is detailed below:

I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you have done for me and I hope to keep in touch when I leave. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to believe in myself.

Individual KM: Preston

I would just like to say thank you so, so much. You have always been there for me through the good times and the bad times. I always know I can count on you. I do not know what I would have done without you over the years. You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Individual MK: Preston

Thank you for the support you have provided to me at school. It has made a huge difference to my life at home and in school also. My exams went very well and I am now very close to a full recovery thanks to you.

HA Individual HA: Chorley

Thank you for all your help and support these past two years. I am so grateful for everything you have done for me and I will miss you when I go to college.

Individual KC: Preston

I just wanted to say thank you for all your support over the past few years. You have been so supportive and helped me with so many things. I am grateful I have had you to talk to and someone that isn’t a teacher. You have helped me so much to cope with my panic attacks and you have played such a huge part in my high school life. I could not have got through it without you and I will forever be grateful. Thank you for everything and I hope to stay in touch when I leave.

Individual IS: Preston

Thank you for everything you have done for me so far. I know that I can always come to you with my problems no matter how big or small. I know you are always here for me and that you always care- so thank you. I am finally starting to like myself again.

Individual EM: Chorley

I wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me. I have changed a great deal mentally since I came and spoke to you in February. I really appreciate all the time, effort and guidance you have given me, which helped me make tough decisions in a difficult time n my life. Thank you for everything.

Individual DS: Penwortham

Thank you so much for all your hard work and support, the Academy would be lost without you. You are also a true friend.

Individual SG: Preston

Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have given me so much advice and support and put my life into perspective… all with a giggle and a smile on your face. I don’t know how you take on so many people’s problems and still laugh like you do! Thank you.

Individual AG: Wigan

I cannot put into words how much you have helped me through High School. Thank you so much! You have seen me at my ‘lows’ and have helped and supported me. I will really miss you and the endless amount of worksheets you give me to read.

Individual LH: Croston

Thank you so much for all your help with my daughter. It has been very reassuring for me to know she has you to talk to in school and I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done for her.

Family KC: Chorley

Thank you so much for helping me get through the tough times. I honestly cannot thank you enough and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for you. I will really miss you.

Individual NW: Penwortham

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the work you did with me because without you I wouldn’t be where I am today. You helped me to understand how I was feeling and gave me ways to help myself that actually worked- unlike the ‘strategies’ CAMHS offered me. Do not think of a white polar bear!! I still remember our first appointment- I’ve come such a long way! Without your support I would never have had the courage to open up to my family about how I was feeling. I appreciate it so much and admire what you do immensely. Thank you for helping me get to the point where I finally feel like me again- I am also self-harm free and have been for over a year! One day I aspire to work in Psychology and make a difference to many young people’s lives like you do.

Individual SS: Preston

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Not many people could help when my nan died, and I lost a lot of weight but thank you for listening as without you I don’t think I would be here if I am honest. Without you there wouldn’t be a me!!

Individual CB: Preston

When it was realised that my daughter had an eating disorder, she was given immediate counselling in school. This was extremely helpful to get professional help straight away, especially as there was a seven-month waiting list for an appointment for CAMHS. My daughter stuck up a very good relationship with Charlotte and after weekly sessions, together with parental support. I am pleased to now say she has made a full recover. Throughout this process I have appreciated that my daughter was at a school where counselling was on hand. I would like to think that all schools could have this service for all children and I would urge all children to seek help for any mental health issues should the need arise.

Individual PW: Preston

I just wanted to say thank you for all the support you provided over the years. I am gob smacked in how well I did in my results and a big chunk of my success is down to you. I truly believe that I would be in a completely different position right now if I hadn’t come to see you when I did. To be honest I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for you. I appreciate all that you did for me and others in the school, and I respect you so much for doing what you do: for helping people through their dark days and battles with mental health and for campaigning in the name of children and adults mental health, to name just a few. It is people like you who make a difference in this world!

Individual RW: Chorley

Thank you for forwarding the information and links following Charlotte Lowe’s Assembly. I mentioned this to my son upon arriving home that same day, and he said watch this Mum. He showed me the video clip and said that the boy in the clip was exactly like him, everything he said and did related to how he was and felt. The information is very relative to his situation and mindset and we will work through the links etc to help and support him the best we can. Both myself and my son are very grateful for the support provided.

Individual/Family KM: Preston

Thank you so much for this session. It was fantastic! I feel so much more informed and prepared. I cannot wait to try out some of the practical strategies you suggested with the young people I support, and I would recommend your training to all teachers!

Training SB: Chorley

My son was very worried about coming for therapy and after waiting ages for CAMHS we decided to go private. Charlotte made my son feel relaxed immediately and she was able to explain everything to him in child-friendly terms. My son only needed eight sessions and after struggling for so many years, he was soon back to how he used to be- albeit much more confident in himself!

Individual DT: Wigan

After putting off going for therapy for many years I decided something needed to be done when I started not going into work. I am so glad that I found Charlotte because I am not sure I could have gone on much longer feeling the way I was feeling. Charlotte has given me the tools to begin living my life again and I cannot thank her enough.

Individual AP: Wigan

I thought that the training your provided was fantastic and it’s the best training I have been on in a long time! I now understand cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and can see how it can be used to help pupils in school, both individually and on a whole-school basis. I have enjoyed all the training you have provided in school and I am looking forward to the next training later on in the year.

Training MC: Chorley

I cannot thank Charlotte enough for her help overcoming my generalised anxiety. After years of struggling I really wish I sought help sooner as I feel like I have just started my life again, living it the way I should have been living it a long time ago.

Individual GH: Preston

After being very reluctant to speak to anyone about how I was feeling, my partner encouraged me to speak to Charlotte after meeting her at a training course she delivers at my partner’s school. From the moment I met her she put me at ease and Kate was right to suggest I speak to her. I was at a point in my life when I could not see how I could continue living feeling the way I was. I now wake up each morning looking forward to the day ahead.

Individual JP Croston

Charlotte is fantastic and she has supported both me and my son through some really difficult times. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Individual DH Leigh

Outstanding training delivered as always by Charlotte. It was great to be able to specify which topics for her to cover which are specific to the families this service works with. Charlotte is a very experienced psychotherapist, and this shines through in the training that she delivers.

Training LS Liverpool

As a parent of a teenager at Lostock hall academy 2017 my son was suffering which was a very distressing time as we didn't know what was causing the problem. He was very anxious, distrssed and unable to live a normal lifestyle with what he was dealing with. When the school realised he was suffering they advised Charlotte Lowe school councillor who helped my son and also the family. Charlotte realised straight away what was happening and she really done the most fantastic job in helping my son, and mum and dad to get through this. We will be forever grateful to Charlotte as she got us through this most horrendous times of our lives.

Individual/Family DA: Preston

My name is David and I am 58. In early 2015 I experienced some major life issues. I had previously suffered from bouts of depression including a full breakdown in 2005 and recognising the triggers I sought help from Charlotte having been referred from my work place. Charlotte came to my home on 10 occasions and I underwent CBT.  I found these sessions of immense value to re-establish my equilibrium and thought processes. The help extended to relevant well being studies and these were done as homework and I had regular assessments of my mental healing. During the process I had regular contact with Charlotte via texts etc which were of great support and trust. As a result I learned new techniques which now from part of my daily mantra. Having previously had mood issues I have experience of several practitioners and their methods. I can say that the speed of my recovery and on going mental health is entirely down to the calmness and professionalism of Charlotte. I have since referred friends and family who I have seen troubled with their mental well being. I can give no greater recommendation than that.

Individual - DF, Chorley, Lancashire

The training was extremely helpful for me as I am working as a school counsellor and so refreshing my knowledge and skill set is extremely beneficial. I found it useful that Charlotte broke down the training and covered a number of common mental health difficulties I work with on a daily basis. The tools and resources provided were also very helpful and I have already incorporated some in to my sessions with young people, in particular ones aimed at working with anxiety. I found Charlotte passionate about mental health and the work she does which left me feeling very motivated after the training.

Training - KM, School Counsellor, Birkenhead

Our team found the Mental Health training extremely useful. We believe it has increased our confidence in noticing the common warning signs of Mental Health but overall, we liked the leaflet of sources of support available for practitioners. The training provided by Charlotte was excellent. She was very clear and answered all our questions. Charlotte outlined useful resources that are directed to young people and their parents along with websites and phone numbers. We found the training interesting and relevant to the children we are working with. Thank you for a great session.

Training - AJ, Support Worker, Bolton

Since working with Charlotte and seeing the improvements for myself I personally believe that every project worker should have ‘a Charlotte’. She is invaluable to me and I cannot praise her enough.

Practitioner - SO, Family Support Worker, Wigan

The training you delivered to the team was very useful in raising our awareness around working with children and families where mental health is an issue. The team reported improved confidence in working with children while they were on the CAMHS waiting list. It was also very useful the conversation we had prior to the training when you advised us on training packages we were looking at for the whole team. This is not an area where any of the management team were knowledgeable so your advice was invaluable. Our project would very much benefit from a mental health specialist and I am sure we would not be alone with this need, given the impact of poor mental health for children and young people we are supporting and nationwide.

Training - CD, Children’s Services Manager, Dewsbury

Charlotte helped me by coming to terms with myself and accepting myself as a person of worth. Charlotte’s empathy helped me move forward in life and gain a new direction career goal. Charlotte took the time to listen, really listen to my bipolar problems and helped me gain new skills and confidence through our sessions of CBT.

Individual - AR, Wigan, Greater Manchester

Working with Charlotte Lowe has really helped me to make sense of why I was thinking and feeling the way I was. Charlotte was really clear and considerate in the way she explained why I had feelings of doubt, depression and worthlessness. When I first came to do the CBT training I was in a very low place, lacked self-confidence, on a poor diet and generally felt and looked very unwell. The 10 weeks of work has helped me come through a very difficult period and now I feel full of life again. It has also helped me to think about how others might be thinking and feeling. When I finished the CBT I thanked Charlotte in helping me feel like a new person, and I’ve had the same positive feeling since.

Individual - DF, Teacher, Preston, Lancashire

The support Charlotte gave me was invaluable. I have felt depressed and suicidal for many years, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be here anymore had I not have met Charlotte.

Individual - JA, Leyland, Lancashire

Your training inspired me! I do have quite a bit of knowledge in this subject area but just knowing we are addressing things properly was a great positive to here also. For me, your presentation made the day.

Training - MD, Children and Family Worker, Barrow

I would just like to say thank you for the input that you gave to the Early Action Team on mental health and how to identify early signs that could escalate to more serious issues. As the team work with young people and families it has been extremely beneficial for us in supporting the people we work with, having the relevant information will prove invaluable, and has helped to raise awareness in the team, so that we are more confident in approaching and discussing the subject of mental health. Thank you again.

Training - PH, South Ribble Early Action Team, Lancashire Constabulary

The training was outstanding and demonstrated extensive knowledge and experience, with Charlotte clearly being passionate about mental health in children and young people.

Training - MC, Support Worker, Manchester

Thoroughly enjoyed. Brilliant delivery. I came away with so much knowledge and understanding. Fantastic co-ordinator with vast experience through expert knowledge and relatable experiences. Excellent speaker. Breadth of knowledge and experience was engaging and inspirational. The anecdotal scenarios brought to life the theoretical concepts. No doubt this will facilitate us as professionals to be more aware of the nature of the well-being of our learners and to inspire us to ensure we are offering a supportive and relevant service at the earliest intervention point. Fantastically informative and engaging revealing unknown strategies and new information which will be invaluable. Very useful.  One-stop website/app list was brilliant.

Training - Various School and College Staff in Chorley

We would like to thank you for the engaging session that you provided regarding Children and Young People's Mental Health at Albany Academy. We found the breadth of knowledge and experience that you have in relation to adult and young people's mental health engaging and inspirational. The anecdotal scenarios from your personal and professional experiences with mental health brought to life the theoretical concepts that you explored. This will no doubt facilitate us as professionals to be more aware to the nature of the well being of our learners and has served to inspire us to ensure that we as a college are offering a supportive and relevant service at the earliest intervention point.

Training - Cardinal Newman College

I picked up a flyer Charlotte had left in a Hospital clinic area and several months later contacted her. From the outset she reassured me that the hardest thing was to make the initial contact and encouraged me to fix up an initial appointment: which is the best thing I could have done. Charlotte listened to my concerns with compassion and has helped me think about issues in a different way to help overcome some of my mood issues that affect my life. She is supportive and uses a mix of skills and techniques that she constantly reviews in line with recent evidence and research. She is an expert in her field. She has really made a difference to my life and continues to support me.

JW: Preston

Charlotte is simply awesome, both as a practitioner and person. She compassionately connects, cares and listens, supports and enables, and gives my daughter a non-judgemental outlet for her bullying, suicidal thoughts and the fabulous means to defeat them. She’s enabled my daughter to see a positive future for herself, for which I cannot thank her enough.

JM: Chorley

Not just pre-teen angst, but my son was unable to reconnect with his feelings following the death of his father. Charlotte reached him. It was tough, but my son has learnt to trust. The techniques Charlotte taught he is using, testing them out and understanding how they help him. My son is on his way: he has started to laugh again. Thank you.

MP: Chorley

With regards to the training you provided at Cardinal Newman, I thought it was excellent and I think it was potentially the best external training I have received in the five years while working here. Your team were engaging and well-informed. I particularly enjoyed the interactive activity on self-care to see what our own skills were.

PB: Preston

I have seen a couple of people regarding my anxiety and depression and Charlotte is by far the best person I have had help from. I would 100% recommend her and she is one of the reasons I feel back to myself again.

JS: Wigan

Charlotte has helped me when I thought no one else could. She is so easy to talk you feel comfortable opening up to her, as you speak, she listens carefully by analysing what you’re saying, but helping along the way. She makes me realise I need to help myself by changing things I do in my life and remembering a lot of my thoughts are only opinions and not facts about myself. She is a very caring person she wants to help you to concur your worries and anxiety, she doesn’t just listen and give advice, she helps you by finding the core of your worry and gives you learning sheets to take time to learn about yourself and how you can understand mental health and why it isn’t intact a negative when you have these thoughts but a challenge that can be handled better. I was very anxious and lost when I first met Charlotte one of my problems was worrying about the future and mainly being worried about my job I wasn’t happy in, she made me realise I have options, when you’re so low you feel like a failure and that you’ll never get another job. With anytime I am lost I do a technique Charlotte told me. I write a list of the positives and negatives, if there are more negatives on that list, something needs to change. There has been so much Charlotte has helped me with, she won’t hold back she will tell you the advice you need to hear. She is a friend, who makes you realise how to believe in yourself, and when you’re so down, makes you realise how amazing life actually is.

AM: Chorley

Towards the end of 2014, during my mid-twenties I experienced a pretty severe breakdown and since then I have struggled with depression and anxiety on and off. I spent the next three years seeing several different therapists and taking medication but with seemingly no success. In late 2017 it was recommended to me by a friend that I go and see Charlotte Lowe. I have been able to work through things with her in a way that I hadn’t really done with other therapists, her knowledge and calming nature have helped me to the point where for the first time in two and a half years I am medication free and can finally see me living a life where depression does not rule everything that I do. I genuinely do no not where I would be if I hadn’t met Charlotte, she is an amazing therapist and person and I’ll be forever thankful for her help and support.

JE: Wigan

I knew within the first appointment of working with Charlotte that she was different to the other mental health specialists and services I had encountered on my mental health journey. In my particular journey, Charlotte helped me to understand my mental health past and present. This was a tough process, but I felt comfortable and strong enough to do this with Charlotte’s guidance. It was refreshing that throughout our sessions I never felt like I was just another client or statistic. It was also important to me that I felt like I was being listened to without judgement, and this is something Charlotte achieved. From the first session to the last, Charlotte made me feel completely comfortable and I believe this was integral to my progress. Over the course of our sessions we worked together to develop my ‘toolbox’ of techniques that provide me the power to help myself, whether this is dealing with difficulties or having more self-compassion. Charlotte would always stress that her help and support was not just during the appointments and she would always encourage and be willing to speak with me, whether this be a quick phone call or text at any time. In conjunction with compassion and kindness Charlotte is successful in what she does because of her passion and drive. Over the course of my therapy, she would always have been attending a new training/course/learning new skills/reading new evidence etc. As well as this, Charlotte was working to help with the wider issues of mental health in our society. In a nutshell Charlotte’s down to earth and compassionate personality coupled with her drive and commitment are what make her service special. I am truly grateful to have been able to work with such a wonderfully passionate, caring and driven person. I will forever be grateful to Charlotte for having such a profound impact on my life... And she makes a good brew!

JF: Manchester

After struggling with our son’s anxieties for many years and thinking he would grow out of them, we realised this wasn’t going to happen so decided we needed to seek professional help and advice. A work friend recommended Charlotte to us as she was using her for herself. On the first meeting with Charlotte our son was very anxious, but Charlotte was able to put him at ease almost straight away. Over the next few months she helped him to understand his anxieties and gave him the tools he needed to help manage them. Now our son is much more relaxed with himself and is growing in confidence each day. Charlotte is an amazing lady; our family cannot thank her enough for her continuing help and support she gives us as a family.

LC: Preston

Charlotte is caring, knowledgeable and an inspiring individual, with vast experience in the mental health profession. She has been a big influence in my life over the last two years since suffering from anxiety and depression. I cannot begin to imagine how my life would have turned out if I had not been referred to Charlotte by family. Thank you so much Charlotte.

LB: Wigan

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